Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thing 22

Project Gutenberg

I had successfully used this when looking for an obscure title a customer needed. Of course, not every title in the world is in here - my husband just had me look up one that he has been unsuccessful in locating but alas, no luck. Project Gutenberg is easy to use and doesn't require that you set up an account, etc. HOORAY.

So I just started scrolling through titles and came upon : Saved at Sea A Lighthouse Story by Mrs. O.F. Walton. I loved that images were included and added one to my blog (it was originally in png format so I had to copy, paste in Publisher and save as a jpeg)

I didn't have much luck when trying MyLibraryDV from out website, but will try again sometime soon, as I will surely get a customer question sometime.

Although I'm not a big fan of reading from a screen - I'd much rather be holding a real book - I can see that this format is useful.

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