Friday, September 28, 2007

Thing 9 (no, actually Thing 10)

Yikes! Another mystery! I created an avatar right at the beginning of this whole shebang, but never really figured out where it went. Lo and behold, I logged on to the Yahoo Avatar thing tonight, and there it was (that means I also have one saved in some other Avatar thing, which I can't find either!). SOMEBODY HELP ME! Now I can't figure out how to put my Avatar in my 16 year old son tried to help me, which was an enlightening experience: "Why does your avatar have blue eyes? I thought you had green eyes....oh". So who is doing the discovering in this little exercise? (later that evening) We just spent a frustratingly long amount of time trying to figure this all out - the outcome? I am somehow comforted by the fact that my teenager was as dismal a failure at this as maybe it's not just an age thing.

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